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Sailor poncho with fringes 100% virgin wool 🇫🇷

Sailor poncho with fringes 100% virgin wool 🇫🇷

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Open sailor poncho with fringes

Because it dresses us up in no time, this timeless chic and comfortable par excellence will very quickly become one of our favorite clothes! Its sailor style transports us to Brittany where the strength of the Ocean and rebellious souls mingle, and we feel good, beautiful and rebellious in this poncho with sea airs.

Details of the product : navy and red striped poncho with fringes with a trompe l'oeil navy scarf

Composition : 100% virgin wool

Color : navy and red striped sweater

Cut : One size

Interview : let's preserve our favorite clothes and our planet, with a wool program wash - when necessary. Air dry - no tumble dryer 


Because we are stronger in the family, because we defend the same values ... here especially because we love Brittany and all that it represents, we created other models of Breton inspiration and in particular sailor tops "marinières" for children and their parents. To wear and wear again in the family when the call of the Ocean is repeatedly voiced.

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The "HAPPY AND EMIE" cards

In the ET D'EMIE 's club, all the kids are fluent in speaking the half's ages " ! 

Because they are proud to grow up: "I'm 3 and a half", "I'm 6 and a half", "I'm 8 and a half"...

But the parents are also bilingual in the half's ages! “she is 5 and a half years old”, “he is 1 and a half years old”…

So to celebrate this moment which is celebrated over 6 months, we imagined birthday cards but for the ages and a half "HAPPY ET D'EMIE"

It's not like a birthday that has a specific date and lasts for one day, the half birthday is for 6 months, so it's worth celebrating!!

*We offer these cards to the children of the ET D'EMIE club for any purchase

The "TREE OF LIFE" cards

« What matters is not what you are at birth, 
but the way we grow up afterwards »
Albus Dumbledore


Before I grow big and strong, the tree of life was a very small seed.

Little by little, over the seasons, over the years, the little seed grew, it became a shrub, then a tree. In its growth, the tree was encouraged by friends, like the sun, the rain and the little animals who brought it warmth, water, support to help it grow. But, he also encountered obstacles, such as the storm, the storms and he had to arm himself with courage to face them. All these steps, pleasant and sometimes difficult, have made him an even stronger, highly respected tree. From a vulnerable young tree it has become strong and vigorous, capable of transmitting life (fruits), of regenerating itself each season and of multiplying.

L'tree of life has learned from all these experiences, it is a model on which we can all rely to grow and grow.

You also, when you were born, you were a very small baby. Little by little, like the tree of life, you will become big and strong. Like him, you will meet friends but also obstacles on your way. Don't worry about these obstacles, the tree of life can tell you, he who knows all the secrets of nature: after the rain, there is always sunshine and sometimes even very pretty rainbows. . After the sorrows, there are always laughter and sometimes even very nice surprises.

C'that's life, it's magnificent because from each thing we learn, from each adventure we go out grows and you know, even the hardest.

Clike him, through your experiences, through life you will become big, strong and respected.

To help you grow, ET D'EMIE invites you to start drawing a tree of life. We drew it on pretty cards *
We will complete the tree of life over the seasons, chapters.



*We offer these cards to the children of the halfback club for any purchase


The tree of life with its customizable roots, trunk and branches represent life and its evolution  
Branches symbolize our aspirations and actions, what we wish to be, what we wish to do
Trunk represents our qualities and the assets we have to move forward: Honesty, Respect, Courage...
Roots represent everything that anchors us, where we draw our strength: Family, Friends, Songs...