❤️ To children 

We are so proud of them, we love to see them grow. They are our heroes!

And our heroes we want to spoil them, make them happy. That's why we designed clothes for them with "star" prints. Stars who wear themselves like trophies and proudly display how happy they are growing up. 

Our number 1 wish at ET D'EMIE is to be alongside the little champions and little champions to help them grow well and flourish.

 "It's not what you are at birth that matters, but the way you grow up after that"
Albus Dumbledore HARRY POTER


❤️ To the family

Next to every child there is a family, whether it is a family of "blood" or "heart", it is precious. It is the family who accompanies each child in his development, who helps him to grow.

This is why our models are unisex and are worn in unison, as a family, between brother, sister, cousin, sister in heart, friend for life... all united in the ET D'EMIE club. 


 ❤️ to nature

Source of well-being and immeasurable inspiration, we want to protect it. For ET D'EMIE, today's well-being is intended to be respectful of that of tomorrow, which is why we have developed eco-responsible clothing in organic and recycled materials that we create by the ocean in Brittany and that we manufacture exclusively in France, relying on our prodigious local know-how.



There are those that we like to drink with friends! But we are thinking here of all ages and a half! Because our kids love being 4 and a half, 5 and a half…, like we loved being 4 and a half, 5 and a half… Because it's great to be big! It's cool to be part of the ET D'EMIE club!