If you listen carefully, you can often hear the children talking in half: “I am 4 and a half years old! "I'm 5 and a half and I'm taller than you!" » …

It was by listening to them that the idea of the ET D'EMIE brand was born. A clothing brand for all children proud of their ages and a half. A clothing brand like them: cool, chic, a bit rebellious and caring for the planet, with screen prints dedicated to their ages and a half.

The adventure begins in 2019.

Our designer, who spoke the half's ages throughout her childhood and adolescence (she is from the end of the year) decided, after more than fifteen years within major French luxury brands, to create the brand ET D'EMIE. A brand that she wants dedicated to children proud of their ages and a half, just like her.

She imagines a wardrobe that is both basic and chic, easy to wear, of impeccable quality, with unique and sometimes rebellious details. A wardrobe that she wants to make only in organic cotton and manufacture exclusively in France.

One thing leading to another, from the imaginary to the concrete, from the creation of a company to the creation of a collection, from sketches to prototypes, from the very numerous searches for fabrics, manufacturers through the roads of France, embroiderers and other trades that will accompany our project...discovering the perfect fabric and adventure partners who share our convictions

2020 Birth of the ET D’EMIE brand

2023 More and more of you are joining the running backs club! Thanks to all of you ET D'EMIE continues its adventure and we thank you.

We continue to develop our sales network and are working on new projects to be able to respond to all your requests and welcome all those who wish to join the halfback club.

 " When I was small, 
my mother told me that happiness was the key to life. 
At school, when I was asked to write what I wanted to be later, I answered "happy". 
They told me that I didn't understand the question,
I answered them that they had not understood life." 
 John Lennon


Welcome to the running backs club!