The French clothing brand ET D'EMIE
is a declaration of love
to children,
to the family,
to nature,
to life

❤️ To children who have this innate magical power to see through their eyes all the beauty of the world and its riches; through their eyes everything is extraordinary. Children bring life, bring back desire, they are life... as they grow up, they make us grow. Our greatest wish at ET D'EMIE is to accompany each child on the path to fulfillment so that they never lose this natural joie de vivre, to help them move forward, to avoid blows, to to get up, to keep hope, to love, to be happy... in short, to grow.

❤️ To the family, this bond, this strength so important to grow well. For ET D'EMIE, whether you are parents or grandparents, you share the same desire: to transmit values and key messages to your children so that they are as happy as possible. This same desire to accompany and guide children on the path to fulfillment is naturally found on our unisex models which are worn in unison, as a family or as an aside, the complicity between the members of a family being everything both multiple and unique.

❤️ To nature, immeasurable source of well-being and inspiration that we want to protect. For ET D'EMIE, the well-being of today is intended to be respectful of that of tomorrow, which is why we have developed eco-responsible clothing in organic and recycled materials that we create by the Atlantic Ocean in Brittany. and that we manufacture exclusively in France, relying on our prodigious local know-how.

❤️ To life, as precious as it is unpredictable that we want to make wonderful for children and their families. 

ET D'EMIE clothes are not linked to fashion but to values, so there is no seasonality in our collections but "favorite" clothes wearable in every season in which you feel good, in unison with yourself, in unison with the world and designed to grow and make people grow. Timeless classics, chic and comforts that dress the whole family up in no time, wrap young and old in softness and give time to enjoy life and those we love.

Because we are great lovers... of our children, of our family, of nature, of life