Before becoming big and strong, the tree of life was a very small seed. Little by little, over the seasons and years, the little seed grew, it became a shrub, then a tree. In its growth, the tree was encouraged by friends, like the sun, the rain, and the small animals that gave it warmth, water, support to help it grow. But, he also encountered obstacles, such as storms, thunderstorms and he had to arm himself with courage to face them. All these stages, pleasant and sometimes difficult, made him an even stronger tree, much respected. From a vulnerable young tree it has become strong and vigorous, capable of transmitting life (fruits), of regenerating itself each season and of multiplying.

The tree of life has learned from all these experiences, it is a model that we can all rely on to grow and make grow.

You too, when you were born, you were a tiny little baby. Little by little, like the tree of life, you will become big and strong. Like him, you will meet friends but also obstacles in your path. Don't worry about these obstacles, the tree of life can tell you, he who knows all the secrets of nature: after the rain, there is always sun and sometimes even very pretty rainbows. After the sorrows, there is always laughter and sometimes even very nice surprises.

That's life, it's wonderful because from everything we learn, from each adventure we grow and you know, even the hardest.

Like him, over the course of your experiences, over the course of life you will become big and strong. 

The tree of life with its customizable roots, trunk and branches represent life and its evolution  

Branches symbolize our aspirations and actions, what we want to be, what we want to do


Trunk represents our qualities and the assets we have to move forward: HONESTY, TOLERANCE ...


Roots represent everything that anchors us, where we draw our strength: FAMILY, VALUES, FRIENDS, SONGS, PERSONALITY TRAITS ...



To help you grow, ET D'EMIE suggests to start drawing a tree of life with you.

We will complete it over the seasons.


In the first root

where we draw our strength

we have inscribed a mantra:


to help you realize the achievement listed in the first branch:



Because whatever you say, whatever you do there will always be someone to disapprove of, so don't worry about the judgment of others, listen to your heart and do what you think is good and right.