The strength ofOcean, infinite, soothing, rejuvenating, constant is the image of the strength of a mother or a father. Always serene in the face of adversity, comforting and fighting, indefatigable love transmitting this strength in ricochets to their children. Ocean connected. Like a tattoo worn on models made from Seaqual, a recycled polyester fiber that cleans up the oceans as if to mark this strong bond that unites us to the oceans and to life.

Because it evokes so much: holidays, laughter, games, sea spray, sandcastles, waves, surfing, the family reunites, the tides, friends, sailing ... in short, life, and the joy of living, at ET D'EMIE, we all care, parents and children, to protect it and it is with pride that we wear the clothes of the collection Ocean connected.

The Ocean Connected logo is present on all clothing made in part with Seaqual yarn, yarn made from plastic bottles collected by fishermen in the ocean.

Because it inspires us every day, the MOOD OF OCEAN CONNECTED collection is a dedication to the Atlantic Ocean and Brittany, the cradle of our brand.