Out of respect for children's image rights, our clothes are worn by an imaginary family from a children's fantasy world

Collection: PARENTS


A collection for parents in the making or experienced, who can be worn by mothers and fathers for some of these models. Because we are stronger as a family, because we share the same values, we proudly wear the same messages and sometimes the same clothes.

For ET D’EMIE, whether you are a mother or father, we share the same will : transmit to his children values, key messages to make them as happy as possible. This desire to accompany her children on the path to fulfillment is naturally found on our unisex models that are worn in unison or as an aside, the bond between the members of a family being both multiple and unique.

Because the family spirit is at the heart of our collections, all our adult models are connected with the children's collection : the details are echoed, the messages are carried with the family. We are Family Connected. VSclothing "in common" gives everyone the opportunity to discuss, ask questions, confide ... to grow.

Grow and make grow, Together, as a family. It is our leitmotif and it is above all that of all children and parents. 

From XS ½ to XXL ½, because at ET D’EMIE we like ½… every ½! These ½ sizes are complicit winks.

The knowing wink of children to their cherished mothers. They who are so proud of their ½ more. This childish pride and this fair view of time comfort mothers who, without taking a size, take or keep a ½ size. They all inspire mothers, all women, a bit rebellious, proud of their 1/2 plus and having fun wearing models in half sizes.

The complicit wink of men to their halves. Them, who are the very first accomplices of the adventure, sharing desires before, during and after these 9 magical months.