Collection: CHILDREN

The ET D’EMIE children's collection 

The child has an innate magical power: that of seeing through his children's eyes all the beauty of the world and its riches; through his eyes everything is extraordinary. It brings life, it brings back the desire, to dare, to start, to re-invent oneself... in short, it makes us grow. Our greatest wish at ET D'EMIE is to support each child on the path to fulfillment so that he never loses this natural joy of living, to help him move forward, to avoid blows, to get up, to keep hope, to love, to be happy ... in short, to grow.

Grow and make grow, Together, as a family. This is our leitmotif. 

Through our clothes, our desire is to convey messages and key values to children so that they are as happy as possible. Throughout the chapters, we will highlight by embroidery or printing these magic keys that make happiness. And together we will build a tree of life, symbol of love and protection, symbol of life, to accompany each one in his development.

Our models are unisex : girl or boy, it rivals beauty! and because the family spirit is at the heart of our collections, children's models often echo adult models. The bond between the members of a family is multiple and unique at the same time and we are keen to highlight this family connivance. Because we are stronger together, because we share the same values.

From birth to 11A1 / 2, because at ET D'EMIE we like to celebrate half birthdays! They matter a lot! Indeed, for a child to be 3 and a half years old, 4 years old & 1/2… ..10A1 / 2, it is important, it is a step in becoming big, a source of pride. The ET D’EMIE children's collection offers models that highlight their half-year anniversary each year and provide the opportunity to celebrate this milestone with them as a family.