For chapter I, Emie and her family take us to Brittany, where strength and rebellious souls mingle. This trip highlights a first key to happiness: Daring to be in yourself - strong and a bit rebellious.

The strength is that ofOcean, infinite, soothing, rejuvenating, constant, like the strength of a mother or a father. Always serene in the face of adversity, comforting and fighting, tireless in love, transmitting this strength to their children in ricochets. Ocean connected. Like a tattoo worn on models made from Seaqual, a recycled polyester fiber that cleans up the oceans as if to mark this strong bond that unites us to the oceans and to life. 

Symbol of stability, security and attachment, anchor of our lives, anchor of their lives: the family and the connivance uniting them. Mother and child, infinitely linked, like this Celtic symbol of Maternity. Father and child, accomplices in Captain. Brothers and sisters sharing the same values. 

Rebel souls are those of women, of men who dare to be themselves. Beauty of those souls who dare not to accept everything, dare to think for themselves and choose. Soul Rebel. Mothers and fathers, a bit rebellious, who transmit to their children this magical power: to dare to be oneself, as one of the keys to happiness, because our difference is also our strength. 

«  I’M A REBEL, LET THEM TALK »* Echoes in them like a mantra of spiritually encouraging musicality. 

 * Bob Marley